Top Five | Most Asked Questions When Purchasing A Used Car

1: How do I get approved with bad credit?

Everyone’s situation is different. We like to start the process by looking at your credit report and discussing what you have for a down payment or trade. We can discuss what is important in your needs of a vehicle, payment etc. and we can discuss what will happen in the future for building credit and moving forward in life on the right foot. Credit building can be easy if the right steps are taken.

2: What is your honest opinion in a reliable vehicle option these days?

 Manufacturers are very competitive when it comes to reliability and cost of maintenance. Unless you are looking at high end options, cost in parts and repairs will not be a hassle. As for the vehicle’s reliability, that depends on previous owner’s care and the truth is, everything eventually breaks. Our question to you is: what do you want to pay to repair it? Everyone has an opinion when it comes to who is a better manufacturer.

3: Are these tires good in the snow?

We suggest for you to plan to purchase an aggressive set of snow tires for the winter. No matter what you drive – AWD, RWD or FWD – your tires are extremely important.

4: How is the cost of maintenance?

This goes hand in hand with the conversation on what is reliable. You get what you pay for in that department. If you go high end be prepared to pay high-end maintenance cost as you are buying a better-quality product that requires certain maintenance. If you are getting an ordinary everyday kind of car the costs are pretty comparable.

5. Is that the best price?

If we move on price for you then we would have to negotiate with everyone which would in turn discredit our one price philosophy. We are moving into a new age of car purchasing with non-commission based sales consultants. We advertise our best price just as franchise stores do to ensure you are getting the best value out the door and to avoid the awkward aggressive negotiation process. Everyone has a cell phone these days and can look up values in the market for trade ins and other comparable vehicles for sale. We know this in the industry and are working to cater to that one customer at a time.

If our list didn’t have what you’re looking for, be sure to reach out to us with any questions and we will be happy to help!!


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