Car Buying Tips for Women

The car buying experience always ends in smiles with JJ as your sales consultant

Family First

Some women dread the entire process of buying a vehicle more than anything. They find themselves patronized at the dealership and tricked into paying more than they should. Why is this? Even women who have a better knowledge of vehicles and the buying process than men find they are not always treated equally. Fortunately, at the Key Auto Center of Portsmouth, there is no need to worry. Every customer is treated with the utmost respect and our no pressure sales staff caters to your needs and budget. Jonathan Jones, known by most people as JJ, is a hardworking family man who looks out for your best interest. He genuinely wants you to leave with your new-to-you vehicle completely satisfied with the process and content with the price of your purchase.


Once you get to Key Auto Center of Portsmouth, JJ will help you start the purchasing process so you find exactly what you want. Like all of our sales consultants, JJ does not work on commission. Therefor it doesn’t matter if you buy a $60,000 SUV or a $5,000 small car, his pay does not change. He is driven only to satisfy his customers and provide an excellent customer experience. His main goal is for you to find what you want at a price you can afford. First, determine what kind of vehicle best fits your lifestyle and needs. From there, you can start focusing in on a category of vehicle and learn more about the brands that encompass it. There are over 900 quality used vehicles in our inventory at all times and the perfect vehicle will be waiting for you to find. Once you chose a specific make and model, look into what types of options can be added. Extra features are always nice, but they can drastically increase the price of the vehicle by thousands of dollars. Determine what is essential and what isn’t, so when looking at your choices, you’ll know exactly what you want to focus on. If the vehicle you want isn’t physically on the Key Auto Center of Portsmouth lot, JJ will have access to a more extensive inventory from other lots, or access to any specific vehicle you want him to find for you.


The most important factor to consider when purchasing a vehicle is how much you can afford to spend. Consider your monthly income, savings, and other expenses when creating your budget. If you are not paying with cash for the full price, JJ will help you find out your credit score by obtaining your credit report, which will factor in to what type of loan you will be approved for. JJ will also review your entire credit bureau with you, so you understand why your situation is unique and what it means for you buying a vehicle. Find realistically what your absolute limit for a monthly payment will be and think about how much money you can afford to put down. A down payment is not always necessary, but can be helpful in securing a lower interest rate and monthly payment amount. JJ will work with you to find vehicles that fit your situation and that will be realistically affordable. One of our knowledgeable finance managers will help with this aspect and inform you of all your different options. The largest variable factor while be the rate of the loan, which will be determined by your credit score and a handful of other variables that JJ will help you to understand and navigate. Our finance department will find a way to get you a great rate by shopping around banks and credit unions to see what will work for you

The Test Drive

Physically seeing the vehicle and trying it out is one of the most important steps in the buying process. JJ will be able to use his vast experience and vehicle knowledge to explain the advantages of different vehicles we have in inventory. Because vehicles can be so different from each other, make sure you are comfortable with the layout of all the controls and features, as well as the driving position. It’s best to find what works for you and let JJ know what your likes and dislikes are. That way, he can work to select vehicles that have the characteristics you are looking for. Then, once you find a vehicle that seems perfect, take it on a test drive. If you are completely satisfied with the test drive and the vehicle itself, it’s time to get back to the finance office and start the next step. JJ will do everything possible so that you are 100% comfortable with the vehicle you are about to purchase. Anything you are concerned about or have questions on he will answer. If you have a question about the vehicle mechanically – he can even have it re-evaluated in our service shop before your purchase.

Signing the paperwork

Once you have found the perfect vehicle, it will be time to start obtaining a loan or writing a check for the vehicle’s price. Because you know that you are working with the with best finance team in the business, you can be assured that we will find you the very best rate that you can afford. JJ will work with both sales and finance managers to make sure that, if you are trading in a vehicle, you get the most money possible for it. After working through all the paperwork, then, that’s it! Congratulations, you are the owner of a new-to-you vehicle that is sure to impress.


Once you have purchased your new-to-you vehicle, it is important that you keep it well maintained, including regular service work. Our shop at the Key Auto Center of Portsmouth will walk you through what is necessary to keep your vehicle running well as long as possible. This includes regular oil / filter changes every certain number of miles (the service department will tell you when to bring your vehicle in for its next service appointment.) Maintaining your vehicle regularly is the best way to create long term value. Not only will it last longer, but when it’s time to trade into your next vehicle, this will help you get even more money back from it.


Overall, the best part of the buying process will be working with JJ, who will make sure everything is fast, easy, and enjoyable. You will be treated like family and once the sales process is over, don’t think that we won’t be there for any of your needs after. JJ is there to address any concerns that may come up and will ensure that any problem gets taken care of if necessary. We want you to have the best experience possible and hope that you will return to Key Auto Center of Portsmouth to purchase your next vehicle from JJ when the time comes.


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